Using the LoveWorld 360 address book

Adding New Contacts

To add a new contact, click the “New Contact” button and type the contact’s information in the appropriate fields. You can add optional information using the “More Information” menu, and choose whether to share the contact with other LoveWorld 360 users with the “Shared Permissions” menu. Click the “Save Contact” button to save the contact to the selected address-book.

Adding A Picture To A Contact

Click the silhouette icon by the contact’s First Name field to open a file selection dialog. Browse your computer for the picture you want to add, and then click “OK” to add the picture to the contact. Click on “Save Contact” when finished.

Adding More Fields

You can create fields for multiple email addresses, phone numbers, and other information using the green “+” (plus sign) buttons by each input field. Click the green “+” button to create a new field, enter the appropriate information, and select options from the drop-down menus. You can remove fields from a contact by clicking the red “-” (minus sign) next to the field. Click on “Save Contact” when finished to save the additional information.

Adding A New Group

Click the “New Group” button to create a new Address-Book group. You can add contacts to groups by dragging their names from the contact list in the middle pane to the group’s folder in the left pane.


Now supports vCard format for address book import and export. To save your contacts to a vCard file, select the check-boxes next to the contacts you’d like to export, and then click the “Export” button. Select the name and location to save your .vcf (vCard) file and confirm. To import contacts from a vCard file, click “Import” and choose the .vcf file from the file selection dialog.

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