LoveWorld360 on the iPad

As portable devices continue to evolve, we’re excited about the upcoming wave of tablet computers and the possibilities they bring. That’s why we are making the LoveWorld360 experience available for advanced mobile browsers with optimized interface for touch screens, just like you!

With the release of the Apple iPad, we’re launching an experimental two-pane user interface. Building upon this new Loveworld360 for mobile web app, the interface displays your conversations on the left and your messages on the right hand side.

All features of the Loveworld360 web app that you’re used to, such as offline access and aggressive caching to reduce latency, are present in the iPad version!

Tablet devices are still very new, so expect changes as we continue to optimize for this new format. Don’t hesitate to let us know any ideas you may have on how we can make Loveworld360 better for your use on iPad. Simply drop your comments; we would love to hear them all.

To try out Loveworld360 out on the iPad, just go to in the Safari browser of your iPad.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about the new Loveworld360 Mail for iPad.

Have fun all the way!

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