LoveWorld360 Mail Settings

How To Get Settings

1. Email Settings

Account Name

Displays your email account name.

Real Name

This will appear in the “Sender” field of emails you send before your email address.

Reply To

Here you can specify an email address for replies to be sent to, instead of the email address you use to log in.

Thread Support

Check this box to display email conversations as threads.

Interface Language

Select your preferred language for the Webmail interface.

Messages per page

Select the number of simultaneous messages to display in the Webmail interface. You may want to reduce this for slow connections. Timezone Specify the time-zone for your location. Signature Here you can specify a message that will be added to the end of every email you send from Webmail. You can use plain text or HTML for your signature.

2. Calendar Settings

CalDAV server URL

Enter the address of the CalDAV server your calendar is stored on. By default this will be the local calendar server.

External Authentication

If your calendar is not on the Loveworld360 mail server or uses a different Username or Password than your email account, you may have to check this box and specify the correct Username and Password for your calendar server.

3. Email Filters

Add New Rule

Use this option to create email filters. Select from the drop down list ‘From’, ‘To’ or ‘Subject’. Then select from second drop down list ‘is’, ‘is not’, ‘contains’ or ‘does not contain’. In the text box enter what you would like to be filtered. Then specify which folder the rule will deliver to.


New Rule: ‘From’, ‘is’ and ‘’. Move To: ‘Trash’.

This will move all emails received from account@ to the trash folder.

4. Mail Options

Enable Forward

Check this box to enable forwarding of your emails to another email address.

Forward mail

Specify the email address to forward incoming email to.


Here you can specify an email address to forward incoming email to.

Enable Autoreply

Check this box to enable automatic (“Vacation”) reply to incoming messages.

Autoreply message

Specify the message to send to the senders of all incoming email.

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